Nintendo seem to be floundering as November console launches could see it become a casualty of war.

Microsoft looks to get the drop on Sony outside the US by releasing the Xbox One a week ahead of the PlayStation 4.

The newest offering from Creative Assembly, a subsidiary of Sega-Sammy, has met with a number of criticisms, mainly centering around the games AI, both at battle and strategic map level, and the load time between turns due to the large amount of factions on the map.

Professional network LinkedIn has announced plans to sell up to $1 billion in stock which has sparked rumors of a spending spree.

So now that Nokia has bowed out of the smartphone and devices industry, where does the company that's reinvented itself more times than Madonna go from here?

Microsoft has announced that it will purchase Nokia's devices and services division as well as licence a number of patents for $7.2 billion.