28th August 2013 Xbox One Will Not Launch in Early November.

Rumour that Microsoft (MSFT) would attempt to get its new console on to the market ahead of the Sony (SNE) PlayStation 4 is not true.

Yesterday Kotaku received a tip of from a source at a marketing company linked to Wal-Mart (WMT) that Microsoft were intending to release the Xbox One at midnight on the 8th of November. An official release date has not yet been given for the new console, other than it will be sometime in November, and with the Sony PlayStation 4 scheduled for the 15th it looked like Microsoft were aiming to get the drop on their main competitor.

Today however Kotaku reported that a source close to Microsoft 'expect(s) the console at a date later than November 8', with no indication as to when that might be.

GameStop (GME) CEO Paul Raines has predicted the 'Largest Console Launch in History' this November. The PlayStation 4 will price at $399 while the Xbox one will come in at $499 and at the moment Sony seem to be leading in the pre order tables. PlayStation 4 pre-orders are already greater than initial sales of the PlayStation 3 when it launched in 2006 and while you can still get an Xbox One on Amazon (AMZN) it is no longer possible to pre-order the PlayStation 4.

Shares in Sony have doubled from $10 to $20 since the start of the year on strong sales forecasts for its next gen console where Microsoft has had a tougher time, lifting above $30 a share in April for the first time in half a year and getting a slight boost recently on the news that CEO Steve Ballmer will step down in the next year.