04th September 2013 Troubled Launch for Total War: Rome 2.

The newest offering from Creative Assembly, a subsidiary of Sega-Sammy (SGAMY), has met with a number of criticisms, mainly centring around the games AI, both at battle and strategic map level, and the load time between turns due to the large amount of factions on the map.

Released on Tuesday, CA will release its first patch for the game this Friday to fix a number of bugs and crash incidences caused by hardware conflicts and will then release patches on a weekly basis.

are Total War releases free from trouble, most notably the March 2009 release of Empire: Total War which left many users facing the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death". While the game has been lauded for the size and detail of its strategic map and battle cinematics the developers have largely made a mess of core game basics such as the AI. Kotaku reviewer Luke Plunkett feels that these problem can be handled in future patch releases and while this may mean slower sales until reports that the game is stable come out, the signs are already good that Rome 2 will become the highest selling iteration of the Total War franchise.

Pre-sales for Rome II were six times that of Shogun 2 when it was released in 2011. On release Rome 2 hit 118,000 concurrent players on Steam, well ahead of Shogun 2's second day peak of 38,000.

Rome 2 pretty much has the strategy market all to itself at the moment and its troubled launch kicks of a period of major title releases in the run up November when the Sony (SNE) PlayStation 4 and Microsoft (MSFT) Xbox One will hit the shelves. Take Two (TTWO) has released new pictures of GTA 5 which will launch on September 17th and EA's (EA) Fifa 14 will follow on the 24th.

ADR shares in Sega-Sammy rose 2% today. Total War: Rome 2 was the second most played game on Steam today, behind DOTA 2 with over 400,000 players. In third place was Football Manager 2013, also published by Sega and the 2014 iteration of the game, which currently has no set date, is expected to be released sometime in November which should produce a very healthy quarter for the company.