05th September 2013 Xbox One gets a release date.

Microsoft (MSFT) looks to get the drop on Sony (SNE) outside the US by releasing the Xbox One a week ahead of the PlayStation 4.

The Xbox One will go on sale in 13 different countries on the 22cd of November. This is a week later then the PlayStation 4's North American release but a week ahead of the date it hits shelves on other markets. Neither console yet has a release date for the Japanese market.

Analysts are predicting strong sales from both consoles but the PlayStation 4 seems to have a firm lead with GameStop (GME) confirming in late August that the console had was facing a "sell-out" situation in Europe and that the "first-to-know" list stood at 1.5 million for the PS4, well ahead of the 700,000 who had registered for the Xbox One.

The PS4 has a distinct advantage in price, coming in $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. With many major titles launching on both platforms Microsoft will hope that exclusive games like Ryse: Son of Rome and Forza Motorsport 5 as well as games and features built on its Kinect device can justify the $499 tag and woo players away from Sony.

News of the release date confirmation had little impact on shares. It had long in advance been known that the Xbox One would launch sometime in late November, especially after Microsoft recently denied rumors of a November 8th release. Overall Microsoft shares have performed poorly in recent weeks, lifting slightly on news that Steve Ballmer will step down as CEO in the next 12 months but then dipping after acquiring Nokia's (NOK) smartphone division.

Shares in Sony have dropped from a yearly high in July but are still trading at almost double their price at the start of the year on the back of popular sentiment over the PS4.